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A Snapshot of 2020

Now that it is 2021, I have had time to reflect on my past season in 2020. Although most would probability forget 2020 completely, 2020 held some memorable moments for me.

February, 2020: 

After a relatively successful 2019 with a handful of podiums, I just missed out on a top 3 spot on the season, and was looking to make a slight rebound into 2020. We had good looking campaign lined up with plans to compete in the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship (MRFKC), as well as some additional specialty events in the pipeline.

March, 2020:

COVID-19 made landfall in Canada and the country began going into mass lockdown. All of my karting events were cancelled or postponed. We were looking at all options on available for racing in 2020. In the mean time I kept sharp with some sim racing to prep for whatever season I'd be facing.

July, 2020:

Finally it was my first MRFKC race of the season @ Mosport Karting Centre. I was very excited as I had been testing continuously throughout June to prep for this event. The event was an emotional roller-coaster for me as I had been struggling with setup the whole weekend. Even so, I battled hard to end up 6th in Saturdays final, with pace to be higher up the order. On Sunday I faced heavy rain the entire day, I was pumped as I drive great in the rain! I was able to come away with 2nd in Qualifying locking out the front row with my teammate. The prefinal went in a similar way with me and my teammate driving away to finish a solid 1-2. However in the final I was less fortunate as I was taken out in the third corner by another driver ending my race. Although I was disappointed with my results, the weekend gave me things to work on for the next race and I knew I could do better in Hamilton.   

August, 2020:

August played host to two events for me in 2020. First of which was the KartStars National Championship @ Goodwood Kartways. The event was a last minute decision by the CHR team, however the event provided a golden opportunity for me to grab myself a ticket to the world final. After I had a great prefinal, setting myself up for taking the win in the final, it was not to be. In the final we made the wrong tire decision which destroyed any chances of taking the victory. My second event I attended was the next round in the MRFKC @ The Canadian Mini in Hamilton, ON. This time I was able to get the podium I deserved at the last event. Over the course of Saturday I managed to work my way up from a 6th place qualifying position all the way to 2nd place in the final. This race was a mega showing as I managed to put up 20 consecutive laps within 2 tenths of a second, all while managing a broken radiator!

September, 2020: 

High over my past success at Hamilton, I was looking for redemption heading into the Final round of the MRFKC held once again @ Mosport Karting Centre. Although I'd had many disappointments at Mosport in the past, I had a good feeling about the weekend. With a successful prior week of testing the kart was I the best it had felt all season. This gave me the confidence I'd need in the race to come. After a disappointing qualifying of 7th place, I knew I'd have to put more trust in my go kart for the Prefinal & Final. I did just that in the prefinal putting down the third fastest time in the prefinal I finally found the key to some speed. The final went in a similar way with me pushing through the drivers ahead to come away with another podium!

January, 2021:

Overall this season did have some good moments, however I feel like I fell short of my goals. I've yet to win a ticket to the world finals, and this still drives me to come back each year to fight for my dream. So like the rest of the world I look to 2021 for change, and another opportunity to reclaim the top step of the podium. 


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