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Mega Round @ Hamilton

After a long wait round two of the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship had finally arrived. 

Although I had been doing extensive testing before, the race weekend is whole other experience. 

After completing the first Thursday and Friday practice days I will admit I was uneasy going into Saturday's race, as I was lacking a little pace in earlier practice. However once first qualifying came around I was ready and managed to go 6th with room for improvement. I followed up with a strong showing in the prefinal with fast pace and a strategic move to put myself into 5th (starting on the inside row) for the final. Putting myself in a strategic position to start was crucial, as this final would be the most physically and mentally demanding final of my career. Spanning 30 laps around the roughest circuit on the calendar is no cakewalk. 

Starting 5th in the prefinal paid off as I was able to take 4th easily in the first lap and fight for podium straight away. By the 5th lap I capitalized on the drivers battling ahead to take 3rd. place. Afterward my goal to was get clear of the field and push for 2nd. I managed to take 2nd around halfway through the race after the driver broke down. In this time first place had checked out but my place was not guaranteed. In answer to that, I proceeded to put down 15 laps each within 10th of a second, for context that is a difference of a blink each lap. With my incredibly consistent run of lap times I came away with a brilliant 2nd place, and my first podium of the season! 

I found out at the end of the race that my radiator had broke and stopped cooling the engine. if the race had lasted any longer the engine would have blown up!

Now I'm Hungrier than ever to repeat my success and come away with a Win at the last round of the championship at the Canadian Tire Motorsport Park (Sept 26th, 2020)

Photo Credit: CanadianKartingNews             

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