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Thoughts on 2019

Looking back on the 2019 season from 2020 it was a rocky outing. Heading into the season I was looking to come away with a win in the Motomaster Ron Fellows Karting Championship (MRFKC). So by starting out with 3 podiums, a 5th place, and some heroic driving in the first 4 races, my prospects were looking promising in the championship battle. Unfortunately it was not smooth sailing after that. With a rough outing in the 3rd and 4th round of the Championship at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park I was plagued with technical issues and on track drama resulting in some disappointing finishes. 

However I was still optimistic and determined to accomplish my goal. With a solid 4th place at the Canadian Open in Mont Tremblant I was looking forward to the final two races of the season; The ASN Canadian Nationals and the final round of the MRFKC. In the Canadian Nationals I was struck again with the technical issue bug, getting DFN in a heat race and again in the final. with one more race on the horizon I could smell a comeback. Leading up to the final round of the MRFKC I was testing constantly preparing for the event, with strong pace I felt incredibly confident, however it was a different story come race day with me being hit and a DFN in the final race.  

Looking at the results of 2019 it appears the season was a failure, howsoever the results are only half the story. This past season I had faced the most adversity I've ever seen while racing. I faced technical problems, on track accidents, injuries as well as big podium finishes hard fought battles and consistent front running. 

As I look forward to the start of a new decade I see redemption on the  horizon for the 2020 season and feel stronger and more hungry than ever to finally come away with a championship victory.      

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