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Ok so a couple weeks have passed since the #canadiannationals but figured I’d give the rundown - It definitely wasn’t all smooth sailing for me during the week, it took me some time to get up to speed but I kept it consistent in the races with getting 5th in all the Heats and Prefinal. Then keeping it clean in the final coming away with 4th and my personal best nationals finish. #rotaxkarting #birel #consistency #chooton #toughweek #karting #racing

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Weekend of “if only” - had top pace for both Rotax and Rok however with mechanical breakdowns for both my qualifyings I was forced to work my way up from the back the whole week. In Rotax I did everything I needed to succeed, making all the right choices to get myself from 17th to starting 6th in the final, I was in prime position to grab a podium. However when the final came we faced mixed weather conditions and picked the wrong tire. With that I managed to come out fastest of the wet tire drivers still showing I had top pace no matter the circumstance. For my Rok campaign I had to overcome being crashed out in qualy and in Heat 1. No matter I pushed on the come up with 17th-10th gain in Heat 2 and 20th-11th in prefinal until I was again crashed out in the prefinal. When the final came although I started 25th I was caught up in 1st lap drama and dropped to 30th, I then proceeded to move up 18 spots to 12th putting in top 5 times with a damaged kart. Yes it was a weekend of “if only” 🙃 Special thanks to @black_racing_engines @amengines & @primepowerteam Check out the rest of the gallery @ckn_live 📸 • • • #canadiannationals #karting #ckn #becausekarting #birel #redrocket #iamspeed #backtofront #chooton #racing #karting #rok #rotax #like #follow #f1 #motorsports